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End sleepless nights and start your journey to a well-rested family with Keri Rock, your trusted child sleep consultant and holistic health coach. Share your challenges, learn about tailored sleep solutions, and awaken to the joy of serene nights and happier days. Don’t let another restless night pass by. Contact Keri today - your path to a healthier, balanced motherhood is just one message away.


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Keri has been absolutely amazing for our family… our little boy now sleeps so well after getting up several times a night. We are so grateful for her support and couldn’t thank her enough. We would recommend that anyone thinking of getting help with their child’s sleep, contacts Keri… you won’t regret it!

Keri has been a fantastic support to us from our first meeting and has given us great advice at each session. Before Keri’s help, our 2.5 year old would take 2 hours to go to sleep, wake up multiple times a night and wake up for the day at 4am. Now we have our evenings back and settling him during the night without resorting to co-sleeping has become much easier. We are so grateful to Keri for her time, patience and expertise and would recommend her to anyone looking for help with their child’s sleep.

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