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Hello, I'm Keri – a mum of two wonderful kids, aged 4 and 2, and I'm your trusted Child Sleep Consultant and Holistic Health Coach.

Let's dive into a topic close to every Mum's heart – finding balance. And guess what? A key ingredient to achieving that delicate balance is nestled in the realm of peaceful sleep.

I understand – I've been right where you are. The relentless struggle with sleep deprivation hit me hard, especially after my firstborn. Dealing with silent reflux and colic, those nights felt endless, with a little one who seemed impossible to comfort. I was still navigating on 3-4 hours of sleep when he hit the 6-month mark. It was a breaking point. I know the toll of sleep deprivation, the weariness of living in survival mode, and I'm on a mission to make sure no one else goes through that.

But here's the thing – once I sought and received the support I needed to transform our sleep challenges, my entire life took a turn for the better.

That's when I made a choice – a career shift to empower other families by equipping them with the tools to usher their little ones into the world of sweet dreams. My absolute joy lies in working one-on-one with families, tailoring sleep plans that align with their uniqueness. Just as each of us has a distinct way of learning, our children do too. Learning the art of self-settling is a skill, much like learning to walk, and the approach to supporting it needs to suit your child.

Ready to embark on a journey to restful nights and brighter mornings? I've curated a range of support packages to cater to your unique needs. If you're not sure which one aligns best with your family, let's have a chat! Book a free call today, and let's start a sleep revolution for your family.

Because, trust me, life is simply better when you're well-rested.


Why and When to Sleep Train

September 22 / by Keri Rock / Sleep Training

I get asked so many times about the 'why' and 'when' of sleep training that I thought I would write a blog on it, to help more of you answer these questions.

I would first like to start by stating that I do not mean the 'cry it out' or 'extinction' methods when I refer to sleep training. They are proven to cause negative mental health effects in babies due to the ongoing high levels of cortisol found in their bodies. If you aren't aware what these methods are, it is the belief that you should put your baby down in their cot, and leave them to 'cry-it-out' without returning to reassure them, feed them or any of the above. While some may argue that they are effective as the babies do stop crying - it is because they learn pretty quickly that nobody is coming - and that does not create a happy, safe, secure and relaxed baby.

This is why I do not recommend starting sleep training before 4 months old. The first few months after a baby is born they need you. The 4th Trimester, as we call it, is a huge transition for them and you. In these first few weeks and months, they need to be fed, held, snuggled and loved, however they need to be, to feel safe and secure. Yes, you can absolutely start sleep shaping in these early months, and there are a lot of things you can do to encourage better sleep (I will write another blog on this topic), but just soak them up, and enjoy every moment of this new born phase, as they really do grow so quickly.

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